Programme Overview

Course Description

Intensive one-week course from Monday to Friday. Lectures, computer aided exercises, industrial case studies and workshops will be provided by local and invited lecturers from academia and industry.

This course is part of the annual course programme of the Graduate School VLAG for PhDs, for more details see the course description on their website.

Download the course programme here

Major Topics

  1. Enzymatic hydrolysis and crosslinking of proteins
  2. Plant cell wall degrading enzymes for foods and biofuel use
  3. Application of enzymes in biorefinery processes
  4. Use of ligninases
  5. Bio-engineering of functional ingredients
  6. Discovery and improvement of biorefinery enzymes
  7. Spectroscopic analysis of enzyme stability

Practical courses

  1. PC case on calculations and theory of proteases

    Digital case in which you work yourself and learn about how protease activity can be measured online (e.g. via pH-stat). The case will help you to understand how to calculate relevant parameters for protease activity and how to use the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation in protease activity calculations.

  2. protein fluorescence spectroscopy and data analysis

    Riboflavin binding protein from egg white is an unusual flavoprotein with bitter inhibitory properties. During the practical course you will learn more about the structure-function relationship of this phosphorylated glycoprotein and address its temperature-dependent unfolding and refolding properties through flavin fluorescence experiments.