1st ESSIB, 2014 - University of Milano-Bicocca

Stability, Folding, and Misfolding of Recombinant Proteins

Oct 6-10, 2014

Participants of 2014 ESSIB in Milano

The 1st ESSIB took place 6. - 10. October 2014 at the University of Milano-Bicocca with the topic "Stability, Folding, and Misfolding of Recombinant Proteins".The summer school consisted of theory talks by 4 lecturers from Milano and 5 lecturers from Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, and Slowenia, three practical afternoon courses offered by the local organizers, and an excursion to the company DiaSorin. 22 PhD students and postdocs from European countries, Brazil and Armenia participated in the course.


  • Hovsep Aganyants, National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia
  • Celeste Annovazzi, CNR, Milano
  • Ewelina Basiak, Warsaw University of Life Science and University in Burgundy
  • Cinzia Bernardi, DIMS, Genova
  • Mariangela Cerreta, CNR, Naples
  • Lorena Cintra, University of Brasília
  • Gianluca Conti, Insubria
  • Federica Donnarumma, University of Naples
  • Joseline Houwman, Wageningen, NL
  • Mieke Huijbers, Wageningen, NL, group van Berkel
  • Virginia Lorenzo, Caserta
  • Carlotta Marchesi, CNR, Milano
  • Fabiola Mascanzoni, CNR, Naples
  • Elisa Mazzoleni, Diasorin, Gerenzano
  • Dimitra Papaefthimiou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
  • Francesco Piacente, University of Genova
  • Stefania Enza Sestito, UNIMIB
  • Giovanna Sociali, University of Genova
  • Laura Strippoli, Diasorin, Gerenzano
  • ... and 3 other participants from Brasil, France and Italy